The Transessence Technique is a tool for essential living specifically developed for understanding and sensing the difference between personality and essence.
The compassion that radiates from within when we are in Present Time and the capacity to look at ourselves with the pure, clean eyes of our center is transforming.
It becomes easier to experience that we are the essence beyond personality.
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 Tarika Glubin, Creator of Transessence Foundation

Tarika Glubin (New York, USA) has a Masters degree in psychology and more than 30 years experience working with people both individually and in groups in Europe, India and USA. Her background includes primal therapy, early childhood deconditioning, body centered psychotherapy, and couples therapy.
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“…That is why we are here. Is not about changing what has been, because that is history but it is about recognizing what happens when you step out of that historical place and you begin to live in the present moment so that you really can start to experience how much action, not reaction but action, exist in present time.

Your current knowing doesn ́t belong to this present moment, it comes from your history, how is that history organized inside your psychological system, what does this structure looks like, how many parts is that personality made of, we don ́t have hundreds, we have a few different parts and it is the conflict between these parts that keeps us hooked to our history, because we ́keep on trying to solve the conflict, when we move pass that history and conflict  then we  can live our life….”

Tarika Glubin, Transessence Technique Training


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PART I: July 10 – July 14, 2024 (Lithuania)

“…I did the Transessence process in a group with Tarika, and through this I was able to expand tremendously my budding understanding of how this woundedness, this idea of life as a painful, loveless struggle is learned, is a conditioning. I have spoken these words many times before, but they have never come from this place of strength, of deep rootedness I feel in myself as the words flow out of me in this moment. Previously, I was “understanding” more with my head. Right now it is coming from my guts… ” 

By Naveeno

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