Our personality is made of old, learned and habitual patterns stored in our unconscious mind preventing us to experience growth, love and unconditional satisfaction with life.


As long as we are living through this personality structure we don‘t have the inner freedom and courage to explore and try new ways of acting/relating. Our experience of life is the result of a fixed repetition of patterns.

This personality structure is made up of different parts (characters) which reflect our early life conditioning.

The Transessence Technique helps us to go to a larger space inside. The compassion that radiates from this center (neutral place) makes it possible to bring a new understanding to the different “parts” of oneself. Looking at who we are with the pure and clean eyes of our center is transforming. It becomes easier to experience that we are the essence beyond personality.

The Transessence Technique, created by IMG_1869-002Tarika, is an amazing tool for its effectivity and simplicity. Transessence teaches to become aware of those moments that our feelings and thoughts are the result of an identification. When the identification is activated, we lose our connection with the present moment and we find ourselves immersed in a trance of our old history that in the moment we belief to be our reality however filled of doubt, suffering and struggle.

With the support of a Transessence Technique session is possible to recognize the identification and the illusion that it creates allowing the possibility to step out of the trance back into Present Time while liberating an incredible amount of previously locked life energy.

The availability of this energy and the certainty that any action or decision taken from this space is the right one for the moment brings a life of fullfilment, relaxation. In peace, you know who you are and what to do.


The Transessence Technique is a great tool to have if you work with people or if you are involved in a self growth path.

During the Training, special attention is given to the role of the Transessence Technique facilitator as mastering a Present Time space is key to support anybody‘s journey back into Present Time.

During the Training, trainees will be facing and learning from the moments that Present Time is lost and fallen out of center, learning how to get it back easier and easier each time with spectacular results individually and when working with people.