This 10 day training will be a combination of experiential participation and supervised practice.

The participants will learn how to use the Transessence Technique (TT) both for themselves and with others.

The teaching will cover:

1. A general understanding of TT ie function of disidentification in everyday life; how to recognize the difference between personality and present time (neutral place), how to strengthen the connection with the neutral place
2. A practical application of TT in the clinical set up of a session.
3. Guidance in working as a therapist from the neutral place.
4. Information about when TT is applicable and how to use it with other modalities.

This training targets people who are already working in the therapy field and would like to have an accurate tool for their work as well as those therapists who are interested in changing their present work approach. This is not intended as a therapist training.

Continuing supervision days will be decided upon at this training.

Upcoming Transessence Technique Trainings in Lithuania

PART I: July 10 – July 14, 2024, Shanti Resort, Lithuania (in-person participation)

PART II: September 20 – September 23, 2024, Zoom. Begins on Friday at 15:00. 2.5 days in total (online participation)

PART III: October 11 – October 13, 2024, Zoom. Begins on Friday at 15:00. 2.5 days in total (online participation)

Registration and information:
Hara Studija
Amiya Bernal
ph. number: +370 68381991


Upcoming Transessence Technique Trainings in Russia


September 4 – September 15, 2024, online.

Registration and information:
Transessence Technique Traininings